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Know About the Game-Changing Health Benefits of MCT oil

Did you know MCT or Medium Chain Triglycerides are some of the healthiest fats found in nature? The benefits of MCT oil are many and there is no reason not to take it. From promoting a healthy digestive system to helping with weight loss and management – the benefits of taking MCT oil are plenty. 

If you are still pondering over the various health benefits of this dietary supplement made of MCT fats, then this post is for you.

What is MCT oil?

MCT Oil is a life-changing supplement made from palm kernel or coconut oil. MCT or Medium-Chain Triglycerides are smaller molecules than LCT and is therefore effortlessly absorbable by your bloodstream. These can easily be converted into energy since they are conveniently broken down.

MCT oil is highly recommended among the elderly since it contributes to boosting the lost energy that is consumed by muscular activities. Additionally, it also helps in weight loss and can be fittingly supplemented instead of coconut oil. 

According to the study conducted by Columbia University, replacing LCT with MCT will help you feel fuller for longer as it helps in the release of two hormones: peptide YY and leptin. This can substantially help reduce the amount of food you consume. That is, fewer calories enter your system.

MCT oil is usually extracted from coconut or palm kernel oil through fractionation which segregates it from the original oil. It helps in controlling your appetite and provides energy for your routine exercises.

Usually, glucose is burnt to produce energy in our body. When the levels of glucose decrease and fall short, ketones can act as a great alternative source of energy. MCT oil will contribute towards the generation of ketones in your body. Ketones function as a source of energy without carbs. They are ideal for the perfect functioning of your brain. Consuming it directly can make your mind faster and sharper. 

Since the calories in MCTs are fully and proficiently turned into energy, there is a lesser chance that they will be stored as fat in the body. This has been validated by the research conducted by Jakob Norgren et. al. based on a study in healthy older adults. This study also confirms that ketogenic mechanisms like MCT-supplementation can help improve flexibility and adherence.

Benefits of MCT Oil

Since you already know all the basic details of MCT oil, let’s now venture into the specific health benefits of this magical supplement.


Keeps your sugar cravings in check

MCT oil can magnificently contribute to the maintenance of blood sugar levels in your body. Type-2 Diabetes can be managed better with MCT oil, states a 2007 study. In those with type 1 diabetes, the fatty acids made by MCT may help think better – especially when they have low blood sugar.

 Promotes the burning of fat

The calories in MCT oils are consumed immediately and aren’t stored as fat. This constitutes an ideal ketogenic diet that caters for weight loss. It can prevent obesity and generate hormones that reduce one’s appetite.

 Better brain function and mental wellbeing

Ketones are the catalysts for the clean functioning of the brain. They benefit your cognitive skills and boosts up memory and other tasks performed by the brain. MCT oil is a wholesome supplement that helps mental health to take a positive turn. Research proves that it helps in maintaining a balance in the gut bacteria in the microbiome. This in turn benefits the absorption of nutrients. Ketones can also help reduce the risks of developing Alzheimer’s and Epilepsy.

 The ideal companion for daily workouts

When consumed along with coffee before your routine workout sessions, MCT oil can improve your metabolism and increase energy. This combination can significantly enhance your endurance and keep you charged and ever ready!

Wellology Keto C8 MCT Oil has a neutral smell, taste and colour. It constitutes caprylic acid which is extracted from the most ketogenic part of coconuts. Unlike heavy fats like LCTs, MCTs are not stored in your body as fats but get burned to produce energy instead. They can be easily broken down and absorbed into the blood and quickly access your liver cells. This helps in the faster creation of energy.

Add this magnificent healthy fat to your daily routine. We recommend adding it to your morning coffee or smoothies for the best results.