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How to increase your body’s NAD+ levels naturally?

Do you ever wish you could be young and energetic again? As we age, body aches and joint pains seem to grow more apparent. 

NAD+ or Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide is a coenzyme typically found to be higher in younger people. As one grows older, these levels are seen to significantly fall. 

Do you know how it could possibly impact your health? It’s time to discuss what happens when such decline occurs and how to restore the NAD+ levels naturally. From DNA damage to memory loss; NAD+ levels can determine much about your wellbeing. 

Read this post till the end to understand how you can help increase NAD+ levels in your body naturally and safeguard vigour.

Importance of NAD+ in your body

NAD+ is a form of Vitamin B3 which can substantially help many biological processes in your body. Its levels in one’s body can determine the speed with which one ages. While the young tend to be more active, physically vibrant, and cognitively sound, the older ones tend to combat slower cognitive response, dementia and decline in cell regeneration.

Chronic heart diseases, diabetes and loss of vision are some of the other risks induced due to a decline in the levels of NAD+. According to the study conducted by the Nestle Institute of Health Sciences in 2016, NAD+ helps in the conversion of food into energy and coordinates the circadian rhythms vital for proper sleep. 

How to improve NAD+ levels naturally?

With ageing, natural NAD+ levels can fall downhill. The fall is usually reasoned to be due to the body’s inability to recycle used NAD. Therefore, it is important to undertake steps to reinstall the required levels of NAD+ for proper metabolism.

Many supplements are available in the market today that can reinstate optimal levels of NAD+. However, there are many natural changes that you can make in your routine to combat this deficiency.

Here are natural ways to combat deteriorating levels of this compound. Follow these steps to rekindle your youth.

A well-rounded Workout

Ardent physical activity can boost your overall health. A healthy workout session is an easy method to augment NAD+ levels in your body naturally. Make sure to maintain proper weight by exercising regularly. This can also help to rebuild DNA proteins.

Since exercises require more energy, your body will be forced to produce more mitochondria due to regular workouts. This can naturally help increase NAD+.

Fasting and/or Ketosis Diet

If you were thinking fasting would not help your body’s metabolism, you were wrong. Fasting leads to a reduction in calorie intake. This can help improve your NAD+ levels. This has been validated by the research conducted by Sarika Srivastava on how NAD+ influences metabolism in the aged. 

Additionally, a ketosis diet is a brilliant way to reimburse lost levels of NAD+ in your body. Low-carb and high-protein diets need to include healthy fats as part of the food plan as well. 

Avoiding Sun Exposure

Research reveals that too much exposure to the sun can cause depletion in NAD+ levels. A review article published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences studies that lesser levels of NAD+ can render you extremely sensitive to sunlight.

Our body utilizes NAD+ to repair cells that are damaged due to UV exposure. The depletion would be faster due to excessive exposure to sunlight. Using sunblock protection is a desirable way to combat this.

Change your Diet Plan

Add food items to your diet plan that are most likely to help increase the levels of NAD+. Food additions like dairy milk, yeast, mushrooms, green vegetables, grains, fish, etc. are desirable. One should also cut down on the consumption of alcohol.

Cow’s milk acts as a great source for Riboside Nicotinamide and it contains optimal levels of NAD+, as does yeast. Similarly, green vegetables and grains also help increase the levels of NAD+.

Wellology Bio-Gene NAD+ supplements help maintain equilibrium in your metabolic processes. In addition to following natural methods to combat the deficiency, supplements like these could also be greatly helpful. Make sure you are pampering your body better with age. Cell repair, metabolism, the wellbeing of the heart, etc. are deeply influenced by NAD+ levels. 

Do not think twice about paying due attention to its depletion. Keep yourselves healthy, young and active by adapting to a systematic lifestyle inculcating proper exercise, diet and care!