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How does Ubiquinol help improve sports performance?

Did you know that Ubiquinol can substantially help sportspersons and athletes? Wondering how? 

Athletics and sports require an ample supply of micronutrients and other supplements. Various athletes use products that help improve their performances and stamina. However, it is extremely important for athletes to pick reliable supplements that are safe and scientifically approved.

The micronutrient Ubiquinol is a dependable coenzyme that can significantly benefit sportspeople. The component makes up 95% of your body’s energy production and is vital for your cells’ wellbeing. 

Ubiquinol is a variant of coenzyme Q10 that is naturally generated to help respiratory functions. It also catalyses mitochondrial function and triggers cellular recovery.

Read on to find out how Ubiquinol serves to improve heart health and the energy produced through cellular processes.


What is Ubiquinol?

An electron-rich coenzyme, ubiquinol is largely used for treating heart problems like angina and heart failure. Blood pressure, gum disease, Parkinson’s disease, and many other hereditary diseases can be combated using this component. It is also used for treating migraines as well.

Ubiquinol is the bioavailable and active derivative of Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). 95% of the plasma Coq10 is in the form of ubiquinol. Our bodies are capable of making it for good health. This strong antioxidant can protect your cell membranes and stabilize them. Male fertility, good cholesterol, and cellular energy can be benefitted by ubiquinol.


Why is Ubiquinol important for Sportspersons?

As you already know, sports would require much physical labour and activity. Hectic physical activities can decrease the levels of the ubiquinol component in the human body. When these levels fall, performance can be directly affected by the deficiency. One might feel exhausted and fatigued. You would be surprised to know that engaging in hard physical activity for forty minutes straight can diminish ubiquinol amounts in the bloodstream significantly.

Various studies have shown that athletes often require more nutrients than normal people because of their body weight and intense training. The research by Stefan Siebrecht et. al. testifies to the same. A double-blind study conducted on a rugby team also validated that Ubiquinol has served to accelerate the mitochondrial functionalities of players and reduce the impact of oxidative stress on them. This also guarantees that athletes with higher ubiquinol plasma levels perform better and hold stamina, fighting fatigue for longer.

Ubiquinol can help in reducing inflammation and maintaining the integrity of the red blood cells in the body. This ensures better oxygen transport, facilitating better flexibility of muscles. The component, found in all the cells in the body, helps to convert carbohydrates and fats into viable energy.


Improving Heart Health

Ubiquinol can help improve the functions of your heart and consequently result in improved sports performance. The adequate production of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is important for energy production. Ubiquinol ardently supports the production of ATP to power up the cells and organs of the body, especially the heart.

For sportspersons, this is of utmost importance as ubiquinol can help to power the hike in the heart rate during physical activity.


Combating Oxidative Stress

Hard physical exercise will lead to oxidative stress. This can adversely affect the long-term performance of the body. An imbalance may be induced between free radicals and antioxidants in the body. Inflammatory diseases, tissue disruption, and other chronic issues may be caused due to this. An antioxidant like ubiquinol helps to relieve oxidative stress. It consumes the spare electrons to stabilize free radicals and maintain proper equilibrium, according to the report by Harvard School of Public Health.

The Wellology CoQ10 Ubiquinol+ Kaneka supplement guarantees better levels of plasma CoQ10 in four weeks. CoQ10 Ubiquinol is proven to be 40% more effective in reducing aging than ubiquinone, according to a pre-clinical study. It also validates that ubiquinol can decrease the fatigue prompted by heavy exercise.

If you are an athlete looking to nurture your wellbeing, embrace Wellology CoQ10 Ubiquinol Kaneka. Do not wait up! Leave a gap to include Ubiquinol into your diet.