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Did You Know NAD+ Can Help Improve Your Sleep?

It is no news that a night of good 9-hour sleep can help you feel more energetic throughout your day. You would have noticed that as you age, you are advised to prioritize your sleeping schedule a lot more. This is because a dysregulated sleep cycle can adversely affect your ageing process and even lead to many diseases.

NAD+ or Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide is a molecule in your body that can significantly help in the proper functioning of circadian rhythms. Circadian rhythm is, simply put, your sleep-wake cycle.

Combating ageing-related issues is a tough job. However, with a steady and healthy sleep pattern, you can considerably reduce the pace of ageing. But as a nation, the UK is suffering from a ‘sleepless’ pandemic.

UK & Sleepless Nights

Lack of sleep can be caused due to both physical and mental strain. Being regularly sleep-deprived can result in impairments in your cognitive equilibrium and overall metabolic stability.

According to the Insomnia Statistics of the UK (2021), nearly 36% of adults struggle with some sleep disorder. Almost 50% of the country cannot sleep properly at least once a month.

Do you identify as one among these people who suffer from a sleep disorder?

If yes, a high quality NAD+ supplement and/or therapy may be your solution. Read on to find out how NAD+ can substantially make ageing and sleepless nights a thing of the past. 

Why is NAD+ Important?

Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide has various roles to play in your body. You already know that it influences your circadian rhythms. Additionally, NAD+ can shield you from stress and even facilitate better gene communication.

NAD+ is naturally produced by the human body. However, as you age, the optimal levels of NAD+ can drop due to cellular ageing. This finding is validated in the study by Hassina Massudi. So what do low levels of NAD+ do to your body?

From cardiovascular abnormalities to neurodegenerative disorders like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, a fall in the levels of NAD+ can lead to many serious ailments in the elderly.

NAD+ and Your Sleep Pattern

NAD+ and your sleep pattern have an interrelated relationship. That is, they influence each other. NAD+ is a coenzyme that has a huge impact on your cellular functions and metabolism.

Energy Production, Circadian Rhythm and NAD+

The activities of NAD+ is regulated by proper circadian rhythms while satisfactory levels of NAD+ also help to maintain and control circadian functions in your body. This, consequentially, helps in the healthy maintenance of your metabolic activities as well. According to an important study from Northwestern University, circadian rhythms communicate with the mitochondria of your cells and influence energy production in the body.

Therefore, if your NAD+ levels are abnormal, either too high or too low, circadian equilibrium is violated. Since ageing can affect your NAD+ levels, this can indirectly affect your sleep pattern also. The probability of suffering from a sleep disorder is therefore higher.

Poor quality sleep can become more problematic with age and with low NAD+ levels, your sleep pattern could suffer a setback due to its influence on the circadian rhythms, brain and cardiovascular health.

Gene Health & NAD+

Additionally, NAD+ helps in the maintenance and protection of genes in your body. This directly effects circadian rhythms as genes help in communicating circadian messages and repair your damaged DNA composition. A study by Yasukazu Nakahata testifies this finding.

As you age, your body’s ability to repair DNA slowly wears off since your cells find it harder to produce energy in the mitochondria. Thus, a healthy diet that includes a reliable NAD+ supplement can not only ensure you a good night’s sleep but also a long and healthy life full of energy.

Therefore, by keeping circadian rhythms in sync, NAD+ helps in mitigating any sleep disorder that may be common in the elderly. As NAD+ communicates with the energy-generating part of your cells, this coenzyme also helps in the overall composure of your body.

Sleeplessness and Neurological Dilemmas

Losing sleep may be more serious than you thought it is. Your brain tends to react negatively to the lack of sleep, which can expose you to more danger. As you age, these risks only aggravate neurological disorders like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s which are recurrently observed in middle-aged adults.

Numerous studies validate that such chronic neurological diseases may be triggered due to lack of sleep. So, if you haven’t decided to check up on your NAD+ levels yet, now is the time.


NAD+ is an essential component for your body. With age, cellular dysfunction and stress-related issues tend to increase. A high-quality NAD+ supplement can help in combatting all these health issues.

Be it sleep disruption or stress, Wellology’s Bio-Gene NAD+ is a reliable NAD+ supplement that can support sleep disorders, overall wellness and healthy aging.