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Why Does Ubiquinol CoQ10 Matter a Lot in Heart Health?

If you have a keen interest in anti-aging and longevity, you will already know that coenzyme Q10 is a vital component for your wellbeing. CoQ10 is produced by the cells in your body and acts like a vitamin for the betterment of your kidney, heart, pancreas and liver.

The impact this component can have on your heart is immeasurable. If you are wondering how CoQ10 helps to safeguard your heart, read on.

What is CoQ10?

This coenzyme ensures proper mitochondrial operations in your body. That is, it helps in developing cellular energy. More so, it protects your heart too.

CoQ10 is produced naturally in your body. It acts as an effective antioxidant and helps your metabolism.

While CoQ10-rich food can help cater to your wellbeing, with age, you might have to resort to Ubiquinol CoQ10 supplements. Ubiquinol is an electron-rich form of coenzyme Q10, which is its most absorbable format. Keep reading to find out which is the best Ubiquinol UK for you! 

CoQ10 & Ubiquinol Benefits

Ubiquinol CoQ10 can help in maintaining optimal levels of blood pressure and even protect you from heart failure and cardiovascular complications.

Believe it or not, CoQ10 can also slow the progression of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s. From abnormalities ranging from hypertension to obesity and diabetes, CoQ10 can be a remedy to many health related issues.  A few of its varying benefits are as follows.

  • It can help with fertility-related issues, especially in those trying to get pregnant in old age.
  • CoQ10 can keep you feeling younger for longer, making your skin shine brighter with age.
  • Headaches are a nuisance, especially as one ages. CoQ10 can help combat headaches too. 
  • It can boost your stamina and athletic performance.
  • CoQ10 can help fight diabetes as it helps in resisting metabolic disorders induced due to cellular damage.

Amongst all these benefits, the most prominent one is the impact Ubiquinol CoQ10 has on your heart.

Ubiquinol CoQ10 and your Heart

Heart failure is one of the most serious health conditions the world is fighting today. Heart failure may be equated with high blood pressure and/or artery diseases. Imbalance in the functionalities of your heart can lead to oxidative damage and subsequent inflammation of your nerves, according to a study by Abhinav Sharma.

You would be surprised to know that many treatments people undertake after suffering heart failure contributes to reducing the levels of Ubiquinol CoQ10 further in their body. How do you think this can adversely affect them?

CoQ10 helps in the reduction of inflammation biomarkers like the high-sensitivity C-reactive protein in your body. This consequently helps in reducing the risks associated with CVD or cardiovascular diseases.

Ubiquinol benefits increase in the levels of HDL-C and ApoA1 levels that reduces the risks of CVD. HDL or high-density lipoprotein is known as ‘good’ cholesterol, which protects your bloodstream from developing unwanted cholesterol. APOA1, on the other hand, is a gene that helps in forming a protein called apolipoprotein which is a component of HDL.

The study conducted by Alma Martelli et. al. validates these findings and substantiates how CoQ10 can be clinically applied to those suffering from heart-related ailments.

Consider this study conducted on 420 people who suffered from heart failure. When they were treated with Ubiquinol CoQ10 for two years regularly, it was found that many risks were reduced and their lives prolonged. 

In a nutshell, CoQ10 helps in restoring desirable levels of energy in your body while simultaneously reducing oxidative stress. This can keep you fit for longer and increase your stamina. It can substantially help in the improvement of your heart functions, especially in combating possible risks that arrive with age. 


As you age, many of the things that you took for granted about your body begin to betray you. Here is where supplements become important. Where do you find the best Ubiquinol UK produces? We have an answer.

Once your body ceases to properly produce the necessary levels of CoQ10, you should consider trying  CoQ10 Ubiquinol+ Kaneka.

You might need a high-quality coenzyme supplement. Not only to protect you from heart failure but also to maintain optimal blood pressure and keep you energized for longer.

Choose Wellology CoQ10 Ubiquinol+ Kaneka and make the best choice for your heart health and longevity.