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5 benefits of trans resveratrol for heart, mind and body

Resveratrol is stilbene or a low-molecular compound found in plants. It is a phenolic compound that is bright-coloured and extremely advantageous for your health. You can consume this compound as a supplement called trans resveratrol.

This blog will tell you all you need to know about trans resveratrol that can help you decide whether you need this life-changing supplement in your diet. 

When you finish reading this, we’ll introduce you to the best supplement of trans resveratrol UK has ever seen!

What is Trans Resveratrol?

Resveratrol is a phenol that is mostly found in grapes, berries, peanuts, red wine, etc. It has astonishing antioxidant properties. The plants it is extracted from use trans resveratrol to protect themselves from environmental adversities.

Resveratrol benefits are being extensively researched. For instance, the study by Bahare Salehi et. al. validates its antioxidant and cancer-curing properties.

Resveratrol is richly available in grape skins and it protects plants from fungi and sun damage. Now you wouldn’t be surprised to know that red wine tends to have high levels of this compound.

Trans Resveratrol Benefits

There are various advantages to trans resveratrol.  Its most significant function is that it is a great companion to your heart. A very important study by Adam Riba et. al. confirms that this compound can help improve the functions of the left ventricle of your heart and thereby improve its efficiency. 

Trans resveratrol can normalize bad cholesterol to keep it at optimal levels. This can effectively reduce the possibilities for strokes and cardiac arrests. It relaxes your blood vessels as well. That’s not all. With ageing, when your cholesterol and pressure levels tend to hike up, resveratrol benefits your heart with its antioxidant properties.

However, resveratrol benefits are not limited to the heart alone. In the long run, incorporating trans resveratrol in your diet can help you in different ways.

Guards your Brain

Many studies show that trans resveratrol can help enhance memory and improve the general health of your brain.

This compound can enter your brain cells and improve the flow of blood. This consequently leads to better oxygen supply and nutrient access. Therefore, trans resveratrol can improve your brain’s cognitive function by manifold. This means you can stay more focused and have a clearer workplace up there!

Resveratrol for Skin

Were you aware that resveratrol was used to treat skin inflammation? It can soothe inflammation by reducing swelling. Its antioxidant properties can beat the promises of wrinkle-free skin made by top beauty brands.

On a whole, resveratrol for skin may be the best decision you make for your skin. It can reduce fine lines and even improve complexion, giving you that amazing glow.

Protects your Muscles and Joints

You would already know how tiring working out is. It tends to cause oxidative stress. And remember how we said trans resveratrol has antioxidant properties? It can help muscles recover from a hectic workout routine quickly.

In a study conducted on rats, the ones supplied with trans resveratrol could break down fat more efficiently. This meant they had better skeletal muscle strength and cardiac efficiency.

Trans resveratrol can also soothe your sore joints and relieve pain. There is an important study done by Bushra Hassan Marouf that proved that directly injecting resveratrol to knee joints can help in cartilage stabilization in those who suffer from arthritis.

Protects your Liver

Surprised how a compound found in wine can help your liver? Listen up!

Wine is not the only place you can find resveratrol in. It supports the liver by regulating oxidative stress and reducing cell deaths. It also contributes to reducing inflammation. This compound can help your liver function better with age.

Wellology resveratrol with quercetin and grape seed extract can protect DNA and slow down aging!

Did you know that the antioxidant properties of trans resveratrol can make up for the trouble caused by free radicals in your cell as you age? Free radicals increase with more exposure to UV rays, chemicals found in beverages and food and ageing. This can lead to oxidative stress.

An experiment conducted by Husam Ghanim and others brought back some great news in 2011. It showed that people who took resveratrol could combat oxidative stress. This was especially true for those fighting age-related issues. It can help reduce swelling and redness too.

So if you are looking to approach ageing with a smiling face, embrace the trans resveratrol supplement today.

Trans Resveratrol is Your Genie in a Bottle!

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