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Here is Why You Should be Taking MCT Oil for Weight Loss

MCT oil or Medium-Chain Triglyceride oil consists of medium-length fatty chains called triglycerides. If we tell you that these fats could potentially help you lose weight, would you be surprised? Buckle up for this ride. We are going to tell you why MCT oil should be your go-to solution if you’re looking to shred a few pounds.

You should consider including MCT oil in your ketogenic diet for a healthier lifestyle. Especially if you are struggling with weight issues, you may use MCT oil to lose weight.

Intrigued? Read on to find out more and we will recommend the best MCT oil UK markets have to offer for your wellbeing!

What is MCT Oil?

MCT or Medium Chain Triglycerides are fatty acid chains of 6-12 carbons in length. It is extracted from coconuts. According to Sabri Ahmed Rial’s study, 50% of coconut oil’s fats come from MCT.

There are four types of MCTs. Caprylic acid and capric acid are the most common and popular ones.

MCT oil benefits us in numerous ways. Weight loss is only one of them. In addition, it helps in safeguarding your brain health, improves performance power and stamina in athletes and even acts as an energy source.

You would be surprised to know that MCT oil can even help in the management of Alzheimer’s and autism.

MCT Oil to Lose Weight

The faster you feel full after a meal and the longer it lasts, the less food you would consume. This is what MCT oil helps you to do. MCT oil is a repository of two hormones that can help you feel fuller after a light meal. Peptide YY and Leptin are the two hormones that facilitate this. In a study conducted on overweight men who consumed MCT regularly, it was found that the subjects consumed relatively less food after an MCT pre-load.

Not just that, but MCT oil is antibacterial and anti-fungal in properties. This means that MCT oil benefits your whole body and improves your metabolic calibre to keep you energetic for longer. The triglycerides can also help with digestion.

It can help immensely with reducing body weight and the circumference of your waist. The study done by McGill University, Canada, substantiates that body weight can be reduced by the intake of MCT oil. Additionally, it also helps combat obesity.

MCT oil contains almost 10% fewer calories than long-chain triglycerides or LCTs. LCT oils are those extracted from nuts, olives and avocados. Since MCTs can also be changed to ketones, they help in the breakdown of fats.

Therefore, if you are looking to adapt to a ketogenic diet or are already on one, you should consider embracing MCT oil supplements. Because Jakob Norgren validates in his study that Caprylic acid or C8 is more effective for ketogenic diets than other components.

Other MCT Oil Benefits

  • You can clearly observe an improvement in your workout session after using MCT oil. It helps to enhance strength and stamina.
  • It contributes immensely towards improving your energy pool and keeps you energized. MCT oil can suppress the accumulation of lactic acid and lower your cardiac workload when working out.
  • It improves your overall metabolism and boosts energy.
  • It reduces cravings and energy crashes. Simultaneously, it also helps to keep your brain vibrant and going.

MCT Oil UK Diet Inclusion

Did you know you could add MCT oil to your daily morning coffee? It was found that people who consume two tablespoons of MCT oil in the morning tend to eat less during the day as opposed to those who use common oil.

Cooking with MCT oil is not recommended because cooking can cause variations in the composition of MCTs. However, you can use it as a dressing or add it to your shakes and smoothies.


We hope you got the basic idea about why MCT oil is your best buddy during a weight-loss programme. We recommend you embrace Keto C8 MCT Oil immediately and enhance your lifestyle. This product is 100% vegan, keto and paleo-friendly. It is also harvested from the healthiest and most ketogenic part of the coconut. Sure enough, this is the best MCT oil UK available!

Include C8 MCT in your diet and let MCT oil change your life for the better.