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How beneficial is MCT oil in cognitive function?

Are you wondering why there is a lot of buzz about MCT oil being good for the brain? 

The brain health space is vastly expanding due to the wide demography of consumers seeking to improve their brain function. Over the last few years, several studies have shown that consumption of MCT can boost cognitive function. 

MCT oil is a dietary supplement associated with a wide range of health benefits, like – weight management, cognitive function, memory etc. In older people, brain glucose metabolism starts to decline years before the onset of cognitive decline. MCTs have a safety profile in treating a variety of disorders like - brain function and cognitive function.

Neuroprotective effects of MCT

Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) are the natural fats found in coconut oil and processed by the body into long-chain triglycerides. MCTs are the main constituents of coconut and palm kernels primarily absorbed via medium-chain fatty acids into ketone bodies. They provide both a direct and indirect brain fuel source in the form of ketones to preserve brain function. 

Under normal circumstances, the primary energy substrate for the brain is glucose, which is a simple form of carbohydrates. It needs more energy than one could think. However, consuming a high glucose diet may raise your blood sugar and make you feel irritable. 

Ketones are the alternate form of energy produced by the liver that supplements your brain and body with sustained energy. Several ways tend to raise the ketone levels like – fasting, consuming a ketogenic diet, and increasing endurance during exercise. One can effectively raise the level of ketones by supplementing with MCT oil. 

Regarding the effect of MCT on cognitive function, the scientific evidence is quite promising compared to a wide range of drugs that have failed to have a beneficial impact [1]. MCTs are effective in raising the levels of ketones. The liver rapidly converts the fatty acids into ketones and then exports these for use by tissues. In most studies, MCT formulations tend to raise plasma ketone levels and increase brain metabolism. 

Another study published on Science Direct suggested that MCT based ketogenic diet provides an alternative energy substrate to the brain [2]. In a study conducted on Alzheimer’s patients, 20 patients with mild to moderate AD underwent neurocognitive tests after consuming a ketogenic diet containing 20gm of MCTs for up to 12 weeks. The patients showed significant improvement in their logical tests compared to the baseline. 

Wellology Keto C8 MCT Oil

If you want a winning combination of ketone energy, MCT oil and brain function – go with C8. It gives four times more energy than coconut oil. Because MCTs are easily absorbed and digested, they are beneficial in treating malnutrition and disorders that hinder nutrition absorption. 

Wellology Keto C8 MCT is a reliable source of sustained energy absorbed more rapidly than other fats in the body. When you consume C8 MCT oil, you will get the health benefits of MCTs like – sustained energy, weight management, cognitive function etc. More energy from C8 MCT means added fuel to power the cells and feel more energetic.