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Boost your immunity and fight the virus with adaptogenic turmeric

Did you know – our bodies are regularly exposed to hundreds of environmental toxins? Accumulation of toxins in the body can cause inflammatory dysregulation and weaken the immune system.

Immunity is the body’s natural defence against disease-causing viruses and bacteria. People with weak immunity are more likely to get affected by viruses. Strong immunity is vital to protect the body from infection and chronic diseases. 

Eating a well-balanced diet, proper sleep, avoiding processed food and staying hydrated are some of the ways to boost immunity. However, these are not adequate to protect your body from diseases. Supplementing your body with minerals and vitamins may be beneficial in promoting longevity. 

Thankfully, some rejuvenating adaptogens can strengthen immunity and put diseases at the bay. 

Ashwagandha, Turmeric, Ginseng, Holy Basil, Shatavari, Maca, Rosemary are some of the widely used adaptogens that help the body to rejuvenate from environmental damage.

Turmeric has been used for centuries for food colouring purposes and medicinal preparations. Due to its medicinal properties, it gained immense popularity as one of the powerful herbs for fighting infection – viral, bacterial and fungal. It also promotes blood circulation, heals wounds, reduces inflammation and protects the vital organs from chronic infections.

There are 100+ compounds in turmeric that contribute to its healing abilities. Curcumin and curcuminoids are the common compounds that give turmeric its vast health benefits. Curcumin is enriched with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agents, and can effectively target cell pathway signalling molecules [1]. 

Why is turmeric/curcumin so special? 

The yellow pigments in turmeric roots are known as curcuminoids. And the essential oils present in turmeric roots are known as turmerones. They both work together to form powerful antioxidants that attack the free radicals that harm our bodies. Some of the potential therapeutic effects of turmeric are – 


It reduces inflammation by increasing the production of cortisone by adrenal glands. It stimulates a healthy inflammatory response that protects the brain, improves circulation and rejuvenates the organs. 


Curcumin is the main compound in turmeric that protects the cells from free radical damage. It contains potent polyphenols that help protect cellular damage and repair existing damage caused due to environmental carcinogens. 


This property of curcumin helps to inhibit the growth of the tumour and prevents cancer. It inhibits metastasis and is beneficial in deactivating carcinogens. Environmental, soil, water and air pollution are associated with increased risk of carcinogens. Turmeric aids in flushing out the toxins from the body.


The extracts of curcumin inhibit the growth of a broad array of parasites, bacteria and pathogenic fungi. It helps balance the level of bacteria in the digestive system – providing a healthy digesting environment. 

Bottom Line

In summary, turmeric is considered effective in preventing chronic infections due to its therapeutic properties. It makes your immunity strong enough to fight seasonal allergies, cold/cough, respiratory problems, and more. Also, it suppresses the inflammatory molecules and fights against viral replication. 

If you want to boost your immunity and prevent diseases – Wellology Adaptogenic Turmeric could be the right option for you. From strengthening your immunity to improving longevity to protecting neurological health, the benefits of this supplement are many. Enriched with the goodness of KSM-66 Ashwagandha, it supports the maintenance of healthy stress levels. 

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